Help make Wellington’s southern suburbs safer?

The Wellington South Community Patrol acts as eyes and ears for Police in preventing crime and anti-social behaviour. We cover the area from the Basin Reserve to the south coast - patrolling in Mt Cook, Newtown, Berhampore, Island Bay, Southgate, Houghton Bay, Brooklyn, Kingston and Owhiro Bay.

Our goal is a safer community for everyone. This is a great place to live, work and play - and we want to keep it that way. You can help achieve that.

After Police vetting and full training, members patrol in pairs once a month, for 3-4 hours. We patrol at night, at weekends, during the day - and during special events (such as Wellington Sevens). We are proud to have contributed to two drink-driver convictions, to have helped many other people to safety, and calmed many other situations. Patrollers come away with a sense of achievement, having made a difference.

We welcome new members (especially those with time on your hands) who are keen to do something positive, and who can commit each month to patrol with another member of the group. With the latest comms equipment, we are in close contact with emergency services. We own a dedicated patrol vehicle, the easy-to-drive Toyota RAV4 (seen above left).  We are affiliated to CPNZ (Community Patrols of NZ) and follow their rules and safety procedures. Our business community certainly values our contribution, and we thank those (above right) for their support and confidence.

For more information on CPNZ, click here. 

If you are interested in finding out more about your community patrol, visit the Newtown Community Constable, 118 Riddiford Street, phone 381 2000 or email the co-ordinator at